Investing in Top-Quality Chiller for Pools

In warmer climate conditions, regulating the swimming pool temperature from getting too hot can be a hassle. If the water temperature remains above 30C or 86F, it can be problematic.

1. First of all, the warm temperature is good for algae and other bacteria growth.

2. Secondly, the chlorine gas dissipates quickly with warm water and needs a stronger dose. More use of Chlorine results in uncomfortable irritation of skin and eyes. If you leave the pool untreated in warm weather, it will turn into a green mess within no time. Considering a rule of thumb for every 10 degrees F over 80 F, you will need two times more chlorine.

If this is the case, your solution is the Arctic Pool & Spa Heat Pumps – the Hybrid Heaters that can heat as well as chill the water. It has an automatic temperature function so that you can set the temperature. This means you can maintain the temperature by either cooling if the water exceeds the set point or heating if the water goes down the set point.

However, a built-in chiller for pools is ideal for tropical climates and has the ability to make your spa or pool much more enjoyable. Taking a refreshing dip in the middle summer heat is always a welcoming experience.

The Arctic Pool and Spa Heat Pump works on a refrigeration cycle; so it can’t be affected by humidity. Other chillers for pools available on the market rely on evaporation chilling that makes them an ineffective choice for humid climates. It uses water as a chilling source; so won’t work in Arizona or California where water is a premium source.

In fact, the health benefits of cold water emersion have been recognized highly by the entire medical community. This means, the shorts dips in cold water can elevate your heart rate ensuring stimulation to the nervous system. Remember that, the Arctic Pool & Spa Chiller can drop the water temperature as low as 45F.

The Benefits of Arctic Pool & Spa Chiller

  • You can set your preferred temperature to maintain. The heat pump will heat or chill your pool automatically as required.

  • You can help conserve water and doesn’t rely on evaporation like the chillers available on the market.

  • You can get consistent performance regardless of the humidity level in the environment.

  • You can take advantage of Titanium heat exchanger that remains impervious to harsh water chemistry. It doesn’t get affected by the higher levels of Chlorine or salt water.

Investing in Energy Efficient Heater and Chiller –

Are you heating up in the hot weather? If yes, it’s time to invest in Arctic Heat Pumps so that you can chill your pool or hot tub year round. Our chiller for the pool can cool your pool or hot tub at as low as a 45F temperature in summer. It can switch to heating automatically at the touch of a button.

Do you need a cold immersion therapy? You can turn your spa into a cold plunge tub anytime whenever you want with Arctic Heat Pumps. For more information, please visit our website.